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Rummy has evolved and grown so much; there have been so many forms of rummy, it is simply impossible to keep track of how many modifications the game went through before reaching the current form. The growth of this site can be traced right back to the time when the rummy scene exploded online. It has been a mixed journey for online rummy. Earlier on in the online rummy evolution, security and stability of the hosting sites were two of the main concerns.

People were led on with too-good-to-be promises, which resulted in a loss of trust. This site was started to help Indian Rummy Online fans discern the quality of the site they wanted to play on. There were several studies conducted as to the background of the hosting site, the kind of history they have with players, the variants they provide, the banking options they have and the kind of technical support & improvement they were capable of.

All these factors are an important part of the study in choosing a rummy site. Most rummy players are lured in by promises of attractive offers. While offers do hold a lot of appeal to making the game interesting, that should not be the only concern for players. While it is important to reap the rewards of your rummy prowess, it is also necessary to have an ethical and upright atmosphere for a competitive game like 13 cards rummy. This site promises to share some fun facts about rummy and some points that will help you make an informed decision. Though we are not experts, the one thing we can promise on this site is that our love of rummy and all that goes with the game will make us a good source of information for your decision-making process. We believe that sharing our knowledge regarding this game will enable you to enjoy the whole experience even more.
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What Are The Criteria For Picking An Online Rummy Site?

March 28th 2013 in Online Rummy, Rummy Online

We are sure that the concept of playing rummy online and that too with real players across the country is a concept that most of us aware of. The word has spread and so has the popularity of online rummy games hosting sites. But as we know any online activity comes with an inherent caution. [...]

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Great Offers Make The Rummy World Go Around!

March 13th 2013

While the game of rummy has gained immense popularity there is no doubt that much of the credit goes to sites like Classic Rummy that host the game online. In this article we are going to look at other factors that contribute to making the game of Indian Rummy Online such a big success. As [...]

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Cutting Edge Technology Makes Rummy Faster And Safer!

March 5th 2013

You may wonder what technology has to do with the game of rummy? As a matter of fact, technology is inextricably linked with the game of rummy due to the advent of the game online. Since sites like Classic Rummy have hosted the game online, this means that the game is available to a larger [...]

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Has The Internet Revolutionized Rummy Games?

February 18th 2013

Would you agree that there is almost no area in your life that is untouched by the Internet and it would be fair to say that most of the things that we are able to see and use from across a bigger geographical circumference is to a large extent today due to the internet revolution. [...]

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Find Out Whether You Are Getting Cheated At Rummy Online!

February 5th 2013

Now it is established that playing Rummy Online Games can be great fun and very lucrative. But even then due to the Internet arena being a relatively unknown area for most of our fellow country men, there remains a kernel of doubt in our minds. Here we will try to alleviate your apprehensions in this [...]

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Out What Makes Rummy A Hot Favorite With Everyone!

January 28th 2013

There are many games available online as well as offline. The fact is that most of us are spoilt for choice as far as the type of games are concerned. But in spite of so many new choices, rummy continues to be a favorite among a large cross section of people from across the country. [...]

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Stunning Truths About Rummy That Will Change The Way You Play!

January 16th 2013

Sometimes when we have a particular thing in our lives for a long time we tend to overlook many facts about it. One of the aspects that has been a lingering part of our lives is the simple game of rummy. Admittedly 13 cards rummy has really evolved assumed a new form by moving online. [...]

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Find Out Why Learning Rummy Rules Is Important?

January 8th 2013

The popularity of Indian rummy games is growing on a daily basis; more and more people are starting to play. The increasing popularity and participation can be attributed to the entry of sites like Classicrummy entering the rummy sector to host rummy online. If you want to be part of this wonderful and rewarding rummy [...]

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Tour The Online Rummy Site Before Playing!

January 2nd 2013

We are here to tell you that playing rummy has become more of a possibility as now there are many sites like Classic Rummy that host the game online. Having said that we would also like to tell you that before you start playing, simply take a tour of the site you wish to start [...]

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