Have focus and maintain your calm

A professional rummy player knows the importance of keeping a focused mind during the game. Focus can only be acquired over a period of time. Beginners often tend to be impatient or overly excited when they have a good hand, but a seasoned player always maintains his/her composure. He/she waits for the right time before creating a strategic plan of action. ‘Patience’ is a skill to be mastered over time.


Trick with high-value cards

Rummy players are often told to get rid of the high value cards early in the game. Only a few Rummy players know that how essential these high cards are. Discarding these cards at the very beginning of the game can be a wrong move sometimes.


Learn from you mistakes – Improvise

Don’t just rely on the hard and fast advised strategies defined by most of the playing crowd. Have good observational skills in order to keep upskilling yourself throughout your game. A beginner lacks the strategies which professional players had built over time and therefore need to be quick on his/her feet to make sound judgements again and again.


Develop a Poker Face

One’s face is a mirror of expressions which other players use to guess their hand. Doing various unconventional tricks can not only help you throw the opponent of his/her game but also


Get comfortable with your strategies

Beginners often get stuck while trying to throw a Hail Mary through one of those different strategies. Famous moves known to all should be unlearned over time and/or not used quite often.


Value middle cards

Lastly, don’t try to just focus on extreme cards. Middle cards can be of great value such as 4,5, and 6. These cards can be melded easily as compared to the high-value cards like 10, K, and Q.


Now, the next time you try your hands, keep the points mentioned above in mind and try to score a homerun in Rummy!



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