Scoring any game is way challenging and yet important as well because in the end, it decides who wins who loses. Download Rummy and playing it provides amicable experience to parties playing. The whole concept of Rummy is based on competition.

1. Players who first meld the cards to form a winning sequence should declare as a winner.

2. The cards of opponents which have not formed a sequence or set are summed up to calculate points. If the opponents do not have a pure sequence then the value of all cards held by the opponent is counted towards points.

Points for cards in Rummy
Points allotted to respective cards in Rummy

3. Points – All the cards whose value is equal to the same points of their respective value.For Ex: 2=2,3=3,4=4 etc.

Value of each royal family card has 10 points each. For example;


Here’s how the points are given to players during the game: 

1. Highest point which is given to the player is 80. Even though they had an excessive value of points.

2. A player gets 20 points if they drop out of the game on the first turn while not picking a card from the Open Deck.

3. A player receives 40 points if they drop out of the game after the first turn.

4. If a player misses 3 consecutive turns, then they are dropped out of the game, and 40 points are assigned.

5. If a player makes a wrong declaration while not forming correct sequences and/or sets required to win then the player is fined with 80 points.

6. If you discard one card out of your hand, that card will not be added back to the table. Therefore watch out before discarding any cards from your hand as well as a pile of deck cards.

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