The game of rummy is a social one with a lot of friendly exchanges, interaction and even friendly squabbles. Unlike other games of intellect like Chess, the game of rummy serves to propagate interaction and fun rather than a more somber atmosphere. If you think back to the times that you have enjoyed the game of Indian rummy, your memories will often be punctuated with thoughts of all the bets, verbal exchanges and friendly spats that were part of the game.

This often is the cause for the party like atmosphere that gets created when you play rummy. In fact some people are known to have joined the game just to be part of the friendly atmosphere rather than motivation about playing the game. That is probably the reason that rummy has become an integral part of festivities such as Diwali, apart from the belief that playing rummy on the eve of festivities propagates prosperity.

One of the doubts that people have while moving their passion for Indian rummy to the online version is how they are going to make up for missing on the interactive element of rummy. This portion of the site works to alleviate this very doubt.

Given below are a few points that will tell how interactive online rummy can be:

  • No distance can divide you: Now that rummy has moved online, you can still play the game from your comfort zone with a friend/acquaintance/family member who is situated at a distant place. It is rather simple, you can decide on a time and type of game that you wish to play. Simply communicate this to your pal so that you can enjoy the game together without any distance to divide or separate you.
  • United by the game: The rummy game online actually serves to bring people who have nothing in common except a shared passion for the game. Imagine you can reach out, play with and talk with a whole nationwide of people who are similar to you just in one important aspect – a love of rummy! It does not matter what age, occupation or gender you are from, you can simply share your interest in the game.
  • Party online: You can even arrange to have a rummy party online in a few simple steps. This way you need not let physical boundaries affect your need to have a relaxing evening’s entertainment with friends.
  • Chat while you play: The chat feature on the site ensures that you can always enjoy witty conversation as you play. Whether you are playing with people you know or people who are not known to you, rummy is a game that tends to generate a feeling of warmth and camaraderie by its very nature.
  • Expand your rummy pals base: As you start to play online rummy the odds are more that you play with and interact with more and more people who share your love for the game, you will find that your friend base will expand. Imagine a whole online community of people who share your interests.



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