There are many factors that will affect online rummy in future. We tried to make a few predictions taking into account the current scenario.

  1. Experience of the Live Rummy Gaming

If there is anything that matches the thrill of playing with a group, it is participating in live gaming online. In fact, many players will bet that the excitement is even more intense while playing games live. It is this fast-paced format of new rummy in India which more and more players are turning to. As all rummy apps in India progresses, this is sure to become an integral part of how the game is played. Players have the chance to test their skills and quick thinking abilities in real-time.

  1. How the Overall Perception towards Rummy Change over the Years.

In the past, many people had a misconception about rummy in India, likening it to a form of gambling. Those who played the game were discouraged and it was wrongly seen as a waste of time. But in recent years, more and more people are aware that rummy in India is a legal game based on skills and also the surrounded myths of online rummy are busted . As this awareness grows steadily, the number of players are also expected to increase by a great margin in 2020.

Play Online rummy with group of people at RummyNation
Play Online Rummy with your friends at RummyNation
  1. How Technology Played a Huge Role in Online Rummy

Rummy in India has been greatly benefited by technological advancements. The percentage of the population that has access to the internet is the highest it has ever been, and this is only set to increase in the coming years. Adding to this is the digitization drive which has taken the country by storm and encouraged people to explore online options. The implications of this can only be positive for rummy in India, with more and more people coming online than more the  Rummy app downloads in 2020.

  1. Security and Fair Play Measures 

In order to ensure that there is no foul play or fraud and to maintain standardized practices across platforms, the industry is likely to take stricter steps in the coming years. If you want to be ready for the influx of new players in 2020, you best get practicing right away! Download Rummy Nation today and start playing all the variations of rummy . RummyNation helps users with online rummy rules and also with rummy winning strategies to amateurs. So, download the RummyNation app and start playing now to earn more!

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