Over the last few years, Rummy has seen a strong surge in popularity, with more and more people signing up on various online platforms to play this exciting card game. Naturally, whether you are a novice player or a seasoned one learning to play their favourite game on an online platform (instead of in a room with friends), you probably have many questions about this. We have compiled a list of Rummy FAQs that you should scan through!

How to play rummy online?

If you want to play rummy online, you must start by creating an account for yourself. In order to do so, you just need to add your name and email ID into the form to register (though some sites may ask for additional information like phone number, state, age, and so on). Once you have registered yourself, you may receive a signing bonus from the platform.

Do I need to pay to create an account online?

No, Rummynation allows free registration. You can play as many free games you want.

Can I play cash Rummy games from anywhere in India?

According to the Telangana/Odisha/Assam gaming act, you cannot play cash games if you reside in these states. However, the good news is that you can play these games from anywhere else in the country, whenever you want!
In case you are playing from any of the above-mentioned states, you will see a pop-up message saying that you are from a restricted state and cannot play. However, in case you do see this pop-up and are not from such a state, you can always get in touch with Rummynation’s customer care. 

Do I need to upload KYC documents to play online?

As online rummy games offer the chance to earn money online, players need to submit their KYC documents to prevent any fraud or criminal activity. These KYC documents include the PAN card, Aadhar Card, Bank Account Number or the Ration card, and can vary from site to site. To upload your KYC documents:
– Go to your profile
– Click my account button
– Click the upload KYC button
Of course, these button names may vary from site to site, and this example is just for you to get a general idea of what to do.
Certain rummy portals also allow their customers to send their KYC documents via Whatsapp. If this is the case with the portal you are using, then you must check for the appropriate number on the website.

My attempt to deposit money failed on the platform, but the money was deducted from the bank account. What should I do next?

In such cases, banks normally refund the amount automatically within 5-7 working days.

Why do I need a TDS certificate for playing online?

Most online rummy platforms deduct tax from the winnings. This is why they offer a TDS certificate to players, who can then use the same while filing their taxes.

How many practice games can I play?

You can play as many practice games as you like. The aim of these games is to help you feel confident enough to play cash games online. It is always better to play until you feel that you are ready to play with cash!

What is a sure-shot way to win at Rummy?

Forming a pure sequence is the best way to win a game of online Rummy. Focus on creating this and you will be closer to winning!


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