India is known for its diversity, but there are a few things that unite every Indian from all parts of the country. One of these things is the game of Indian Rummy. With people from all walks of life enjoying every aspect of this game, it’s no secret why there is an entire variant of the game that’s named after the country! Although Indian Rummy itself also offers different variations to the rules that apply from region to region (or friend group to friend group), the basic rules and the play of the game remain constant. Thus, no matter who you are playing with, you are bound to have a great time. 

Indian Rummy is a unique game of rummy as it uses 13 cards per player. Some people like to use the printed joker while others prefer wild cards from the deck. Whatever the case may be, you will surely witness groups of people having a fantastic time while playing. If you’re wondering how to know at a single glance that a table is playing rummy, then here’s a pretty big indicator – the table will never be quiet! Rummy players love to discuss each and every aspect of the game and enjoy participating in friendly arguments and debates!

There are many reasons why India qualifies as a rummy nation. Some of these include:

  • As a nation of people who love rummy, we have contributed to a whole new variant called Indian Rummy. This game is loved by millions and even played internationally.
  • Indian rummy has many different variants. Indians also play other types of rummy like Gin Rummy and 21 cards rummy, as and when it suits them.
  • No matter which Indian state you go to, you will find people playing this game.
  • There are many websites in India that host rummy games and allow people to play online. This is how vast the demand for the game is!
  • Rummy is a very crucial part of one of the biggest festivals in India – Diwali! 

Did you know that playing rummy can help you ensure that your memory stays sharp and your mind stays fresh at all times? This is why you will find a lot of senior citizens also playing this game amongst themselves. 

If you are a lover of this game, why not explore the option of playing it online? You can make a ton of new friends, supplement your income and even enjoy yourself as and when you want!


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