Rummy isn’t legal.

Rummy is a game of luck, it has nothing to do with strategy.

Online Rummy isn’t safe.

You’ve heard variations of this and read terrible reviews about Rummy websites online.

This article debunks most myths surrounding Online Rummy and you get to decide if it’s safe to play rummy or not after reading this article.

  1. Rummy isn’t legal
  2. Rummy is a game of luck
  3. Online Rummy isn’t safe
  4. So, which is the best website to play online rummy?
  5. Conclusion

Rummy is legal. The Supreme Court made that very clear in 1968. It said that Rummy isn’t a game of chance like the three-card game. This card game also goes by the names “flush” and “brag”.

The Supreme Court said that Rummy is legal because there’s a certain skill involved in discarding cards and remembering the fall sequence of other players.The only places where Rummy isn’t legal in India are the states of Assam, Telangana, Sikkim, and Orissa.

There have been many instances where players have challenged courts and won because Rummy is legal.

So, you can play Rummy online or offline from anywhere in India except for the states mentioned above.

Rummy is a game of luck

Rummy is a game based on skill and strategy. There’s no room for luck here.


The game of Rummy involves melding cards into sets and sequences to win. Since rummy is played with two decks of cards, the probability of the same cards appearing twice for a single player is pretty slim.

Seasoned Rummy players will tell you that the game is more about memory, probability, and developing enough logical skills to predict what cards the other players possess.

This helps them turn the game in their favour by forcing their opponent to discard cards that will help them form a sequence.

Seasoned players also go against the tide and discard low-value cards to trick their opponents and win the game.

You also need great concentration and the ability to think on your feet so that you can meld cards within a stipulated period of time.

Online Rummy isn’t safe

Every website that hosts Rummy games online legally must have a Random Number Generator (RNG) certificate and secured servers for payments.

If you’re playing rummy online, check if the websites you’re playing on have these certificates and secures servers for payments.

If you want to win plenty of money, learn the rules of the game, strategies top players use, and get on plenty of trial games to see how you perform.

You’re probably wondering why almost all Rummy websites have negative reviews. It’s because a game of rummy has 6 players and only 1 player wins the game. So, the number of players who win the game is less.

This is why you see a lot of complaints on online forums saying that rummy websites are fake.

So, which is the best website to play online rummy?

Rummynation is the best website to play rummy online.

  • It’s 100% secured.
  • It’s RNG Certified.
  • 24 x 7 chat support.
  • Cash-out your money anytime you want.
  • Daily cash prizes can be won.
  • Play variations of your favourite rummy games online.

Here’s what players have to say about Rummy Nation

Lokesh from Tamil Nadu says that he makes Rs.25,000 every month just by playing Rummy on the Rummy app.

Divya Sri from Bengaluru says that she could instantly withdraw Rs. 5,000 after winning a tournament on Rummynation.

Manjunath from Mysore says that Rummynation is the most trustworthy app for playing rummy. He said that he played rummy on many apps and found that only Rummynation was genuine enough for his liking.


Rummy was declared a legal game by the Supreme Court of India in 1968 since it is skill-based unlike a game of flush.

Rummy isn’t a game that is based on luck unlike what other people think. Seasoned players say that they use their memory and ability to think quickly to win the game of rummy. They even discard low-value cards from their piles to trick their opponents.

Rummy relies on memory, probability and the ability to think quickly and meld cards into a set/sequence to win the game.

Every rummy website must be RNG certified and 100% secured to ensure fair play.

Rummy Nation is the best website to play rummy online. Users say that they can withdraw their money anytime they want. They also prefer Rummynation because it’s the most genuine website to play rummy.


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