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What is a rummy tournament?

Rummy tournaments are a place where thousands of rummy players participate to show their skill and fight for a big prize pool. If you are a rummy player, tournaments are the easiest way to earn some quick money online, working from home without any hassles. If you are a skilled rummy player, the chances of you winning the tournament are higher and thereby earn quick money online easily.

Tournaments hold a special place in Rummy as you get to play against the best of rummy players from all over India. Tournaments are especially popular among the rummy players in some parts of Andhra Pradesh like Guntur, Vijayawada, East Godavari, West Godavari, Kakinada and Tamilnadu state as a whole. 

Duration of rummy tournament 

Rummy tournaments last anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the number of rounds. More the number of rounds, more the time required to finish a tournament. Usually, tournaments with a big number of audience require more rounds to finish the tournament and thereby requiring a lot of time. But, the reward for the time also will be sweeter as the prize pool for large tournaments would usually be large as well. 

What are the different types of rummy tournaments?

There are various types of rummy tournaments depending on the platform and the occasion. 

On Rummy nation, you primarily get four different types of rummy tournaments

  1. Rummy tournament with free entry where you earn real cash
  2. Rummy tournament with some entry fee where you earn real cash
  3. Rummy tournament with some entry fee where you earn free tournament ticket to finale rummy tournament
  4. Rummy tournament with some entry fee where you earn both free real cash and a ticket to the finale tournament.
  5. Festive tournaments such as Dussehra rummy tournament, Rummy easter mega tournament, Rummy valentines day mega tournamentRummy ugadi mega tournament, Rummy maha sivaratri mega tournament, and Diwali rummy mega tournament to name a few.

Prize money of rummy tournaments 

The prize money of rummy tournaments varies from platform to platform. It also varies from the type of tournament to tournament. 

For example, on Rummy circle, some of the tournaments have bigger cash prize like 1Crore (1 crore rummy tournaments) but the benefit is just given to a limited set of players. Whereas in Rummy nation, the tournaments prize money might be smaller but the benefit is given to everyone. 

How to join a rummy tournament?

  • Go to the tournaments tab on Rummy nation
  • Click on the type of tournament you want to join.
    • For Ex: Daily free rummy tournaments, Daily paid rummy tournaments, Sivaratri tournament, midnight tournaments, sankranthi tournaments, valentines tournament, Ugadi tournament 
  • Under each category, find tournaments that suits your game play
  • Click on Join and register to the tournament. 

How to join rummy tournaments for free

There is a section for free tournaments that are being held daily on Rummy nation platform. Just find the daily free tournaments inside the tournament section and join. 

P.S: The number of registrations 

Rules of rummy tournament 

The rules of rummy tournament are more or less similar to those of general rummy game. 

  • Join the tournament before the registration time is closed 
  • Join either by paying the predefined buy in for the tournament or by entering the tournament for FREE in case if it’s a free tournament
  • The total prize pool is equivalent to the total buy in amount pooled by all the users or a fixed prize pool by the organisers in case of a free entry tournament
  • One player with the highest number of points will be moved on to the next round 

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