Playing cards have always been associated with a group of people playing multiplayer games for fun. Rummy is one of the most popular games are for 2 players with one deck of cards  are played on special occasions. But now you can play online card games which have been introduced and you need not wait for any occasion ! 

There are a wide variety of 2 player interesting card games that you can play with your favourite person. Card games for 2 people are an interesting category of games that can be played online as well. These card games can be played online where you can make money playing from home and also can win exciting rewards like 1000+ vouchers etc. In India, Rummy game is the most popular card game. One of the most popular to Download Rummy App is the RummyNation App that has gained immense popularity . People belonging from any age groups can play this extremely fun online 2 player card game with a loved one or a friend.

13 card game for 2 players
Popular card game with 2 players, i.e Rummy.

Whether you’re social distancing or self isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic, it feels like a lot of us are spending more time indoors right now. And while Netflix binges are great and reading books is happily encouraged, sometimes you need something just a bit more fun.Whether that comes in the shape of drinking or playing house party games, if there are only two of you, how about playing some online two player card games and win cash prizes?  All you need to have is RummyNation App installed in your mobile phones and connect with your friends / family and start playing ! 

Why RummyNation ? 

RummyNation app has been gaining popularity due to its amazing user interface experience . It is truely the best app made for all Rummy Lovers. It is the best and most trusted rummy app in India. Launched in 2019, RummyNation has more than 1,00,000 registered players on its rummy app. 

This app offers cash prizes upto 1 Lakhs and more and exciting rewards in the form of free vouchers , coupon codes etc. 

With live tables that you can join at any given point, you can play this game with people who have a similar skill set to yours from the convenience of your own home. 

Few of the Key Salient Features present in RummyNation:

The built-in chat facilities are present in RummyNation which makes the game a interactive Online Rummy game , it further provides  you with an option to  make many new friends and expand your social circle. And, if you are someone new to online rummy and interested to learn about the online rummy rules and tips than here is the answer. 

7 Different Types of 13 card Rummy Games available on RummyNation

  1. 101 pool rummy game
  2. 201 pool rummy game 
  3. 2 player points rummy game
  4. 4 player points rummy game
  5. 6 player points rummy game
  6. Deal rummy games
  7. Free rummy tournament

Among all the above mentioned, there are only few variations of Indian rummy which are popular.

What are you waiting for !! If you wish to experience something unique and exciting! Start playing rummy & winning at RummyNation ! 

Note: RummyNation is providing rummy promo codes and cash offers for this month of August 2020. So start playing rummy at RummyNation to enjoy the joining bonus and earn money. You need not worry if you are someone new to playing rummy, you can get to know all about the online rummy rules and also you can start earning money by following the online rummy tips for beginners.

So, start playing online rummy card game with family and friends and win real cash prizes! Download Rummy App and get Rummy 100 rupees free to enjoy playing online.


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