You’re probably thinking: “Wait, what if these online rummy websites are FAKE? I mean, loads of people say that they were cheated out of their money.”

There are 6 players in a game of rummy and only one of them will win. For every one winner, 5 other people lose their money.

This is why all popular rummy websites have reviews that call them fake. Rummy is a legal, skill-based game. All the websites that host this game have the required certificates to ensure fair play.

So, if you’re looking to play rummy for some quick cash, don’t start playing until you’ve read these 5 tips. They’ll help you make money and minimise your losses.

  1. Learn the Rules of the Game
  2. Stick to the Rummy Variation you’re best at
  3. Sharpen your Skills continuously without slacking
  4. Come up with Strategies
  5. Pay Attention to Offers you can use on the website
  6. Conclusion
  7. Play Rummy

1. Learn the Rules of the Game

Rummy isn’t about tossing and picking up random cards. As with any game, rummy has rules too. Learn as much as you can about these rules before you start playing.

In-depth knowledge on Rummy will help you win and develop a strategy to win/trick your opponent.

Play a few practice games to test your knowledge and skill before you wager your money on an actual match. This will help you in the long run if you’re serious about making money from playing rummy online

2. Stick to the Rummy Variation you’re best at

Rummy has different variations. The most popular variations offered by websites are the 13- card Indian Rummy, 101 Pool Rummy and the 201 Pool Rummy. Here’s a brief description of each format.

Indian Rummy: This is the most popular Rummy variant in which a player must make sure all the 13 cards are arranged in sequences and sets to win. One pure sequence is mandatory.

101 Pool Rummy: This is a variant of Pool Rummy. The prize money is decided by the total< amount pooled by all the players in a game. If a player reaches 101 points, they lose. The points are added up based on the cards in the sequence. Jokers fetch 0 points while face cards fetch
10 points.

201 Pool Rummy: This is similar to 101 pool rummy but takes longer to finish because players aren’t eliminated until they reach 201 points.

Play a few games in each variation to see which variation you’re best at. Stick to it and hone your skills in that variation instead of throwing it to chance. Remember, rummy is a game of skills and not luck!

3. Sharpen your Skills continuously without slacking

A huge portion of your success in the game depends on how good your cognitive skills are.

“What are these cognitive skills and how will it help me win money in Rummy?”

Simply put, these skills help you understand the world around you and make you function efficiently.

Cognitive skills that’ll help you ace rummy include memory, attention, problem-solving, and decision making.

If you’re attentive enough to be able to memorise the cards discarded by your opponents, you’ll be able to figure out the sequences they’re trying to form. With experience, you’ll be able to figure out how to force your opponent to lose the game.

So, playing rummy would help you hone these skills in real life and at your workplace too!

4. Come up with Strategies

If you’re playing an offline game of rummy, you can come up with different strategies using your opponents’ tells.

When you’re playing online rummy, you can’t do the same since you won’t be playing your opponents face-to-face.

This is why it’s even more important to be able to think on the feet and come up with different strategies.

For example, most players will start by discarding high-value cards first. You can formulate a strategy that lets you trick other opponents and win by discarding low-value cards.

You can also pick up cards from the discard pile to confuse and trick your opponent. There are many other strategies too but the best strategy is the strategy that works for you. So, keep playing and formulating strategies.

P.S. Knowing when to quit is also a strategy that many players overlook.

5. Pay Attention to Offers you can use on the website

Many popular websites like RummyCircle, JungleeRummy, Ace2Three, etc have discounts, bonuses, etc.

These websites also offer joining bonuses and other kinds of bonuses depending on special occasions and skill levels of the player.

6. Conclusion

Don’t think of spending money on Rummy until you read these 5 Tips:

    • Learn the Rules of the Game
    • Stick to the Rummy Variation you’re best at
    • Sharpen your Skills continuously without slacking
    • Come up with Strategies
    • Pay Attention to Offers you can use on the website

These tips will help you make more money and reduce your loss if you lose the game. Play wisely!


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Rummy is a popular Indian card game played across India among friends, family and relatives. Earlier rummy used to be played offline with real cards. With the advent of the internet, players slowly started moving to desktop websites. And slowly all the rummy companies started making rummy apps.
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