At the start of each Indian rummy game a joker is randomly selected as a card. In this particular game a Joker can be used as any card.

For example: if the joker is 3 of the Spades, the other 3s Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds) can be used to make sets and sequences as any card.

Types of Joker available in Rummy

In addition to the randomly selected card, people also use the printed joker as another in-game joker. If you’re using printed joker (usually 2 Jokers in a deck of cards), there are two types of joker; one randomly selected joker, and the other printer joker.

Joker plays an important role as a joker makes it easy to play rummy and as people usually like to play rummy with joker, the rummy games offered by RummyNation are also played with a randomly selected joker.

Note: RummyNation rummy games do not include the printed jokers.

Playing rummy with joker does not mean that when compared with playing rummy without joker it is like a cakewalk. It’s not like you don’t have to apply your skills and rummy tricks; in fact you need to be more alert when playing rummy with joker as you and your opponent have very high chances of finishing the rummy game for you.

Rummy game with joker
Rummy with Joker

Different Rules in Rummy when a Joker Card is discarded

There are different rules relating to rummy playing with joker i.e. If, by mistake, a player throws / discards a joker, the opponent is allowed to pick that card, i.e. joker, but contrary to this rule some people play with the rule that if a player throws / discards a joker; the opponent can not pick that card, i.e. joker, and must pick the card from the draw stack.

Playing rummy online at RummyNation, a player will not be able to pick the joker if the opponent discards. RummyNation ‘s aforementioned rummy information is for informative purposes only.

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